Accountants and Quickbooks

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this one! In my experience accountants fall into three broad categories when it comes to QuickBooks. I've outlined the three below and you only want to deal with the first one if you have QuickBooks. Dealing with the other two is a waste of time and money as essentially you're paying them to redo work you've done again! Remember your accountant should be working for you. QuickBooks is a mainstream software package for bookkeeping. If your accountant is not knowledgeable about QuickBooks then change to one who is.

This is the one to go with.

Key Traits - knows the software, will work directly with your online data or use the accountants copy in desktop whenever possible. They will check and carry on from wherever you left off.

Key Traits - knows Sage inside out and will try to get you to change or "upgrade" to Sage. Thinks a knowledge of Sage will allow him to bluff his way into QuickBooks. Will look blankly at him when you offer him an accountants copy.

Remember your software has to be good and useful to you - not just convenient for your accountant!

Key Traits - Will confidently say that they can piece together your accounts from a few reports. Will then manually do much of your bookkeeping again, re reconcile your bank as they don't understand those little ticks - then possibly charge you for more hours than you spent all year on QuickBooks.

I'll take my tongue out of my cheek now (in case I bite it) but I hope you get the point!