About Mike

mikePhoto borderAfter a short career digging graves I worked for HM Inspector of Taxes (as it was then). I started right at the bottom (quite literally in the second level basement). Eventually I learned something about tax...

A move to the "other side" proved far more entertaining as by the time you see clients receipts as a taxman the accountant has usually extracted the sweet wrappers, corn plasters (unused fortunately), sparklers and photos from amongst them.

Casting round in the nineties for a usable and affordable accounts package (Sage was still available in DOS in those days) I happened across a cheeky little number called QuickBooks from Intuit. It was good then and it has been a joy to watch it improve year by year since then.

When not sat in front of a client or PC I may be found under one of the cars.

I am a member of St Paul's Church, Barrow.

I look forward to meeting you either in person - or electronically.